Student Support Services

School counseling at TAS is integral to the school’s educational environment and provides a comprehensive package of care for students. The ultimate goal of a comprehensive school counseling program is student success. The program’s design, delivery, and content are dedicated to enhancing the ability of all students to fully utilize the educational opportunities available to them. The program is delivered through direct and indirect services designed to address three domains of student development: academic, personal/social, and college/career.

In a comprehensive program, the school counselor serves as a leader, advocate, and collaborator that works with all staff to help develop an environment of emotional health, well-being and a haven for student success.

A dedicated portion of time is designed to help students explore their strengths, through extracurricular activities, clubs and community service—which enhances their character and ultimately aids in the process of college admissions selections. Universities are looking for students who offer more to a campus than their GPA will show.

Some of the activities and information sessions on offer with the School Counselor are as follows:

  • College fairs held on campus in the Fall and Spring.
  • Individual university representative visits.
  • “Counselor Teas” with parents, to dispense information and awareness.
  • Social/emotional counseling open door policy.
  • Academic counseling and transcript review.
  • PSAT testing and review of scores.
  • AP testing coordination.
  • Student workshop: College exploration, application and admissions information, understanding the college essay/personal statement, review of college choices.
  • Facilitate community service component of graduation requirement.
  • Parent night information sessions for 9-12th grade.
  • Counselor recommendation letters.