Student Ambassadors

The Student Ambassador Program at TAS seeks to inspire students through leadership development. Student Ambassadors are the best representatives of the school student body and the campus as a whole. Ambassadors will interact and engage prospective students in the community to gain critical leadership skills, while also promoting TAS and its programs and services. They provide information and insight about the school as part of recruitment, campus tours, special events, community service projects and speaking engagements.

A position as a TAS Student Ambassador is one of high esteem and a source of self-enrichment. Student Ambassadors strive to be role models within the school and community.

To be considered for the program, candidates must complete a Student Ambassador application and be in grades 10-12.  Prospective Student Ambassadors go through an extensive interview process before being selected for the program.

The TAS Student Ambassador position lasts one full school year. To maintain their position in the program, Student Ambassadors must maintain an overall GPA of 3.0.