The school library and media center exists to provide a range of learning opportunities for both large and small groups as well as individuals with a focus on intellectual content, information literacy, and the learner. In addition to classroom visits with collaborating teachers, the school library also serves as a learning space for students to do independent work, use computers, equipment and research materials; to host special events such as author visits and book clubs; and for tutoring and testing.

The school library is central to learning and plays a key role as a place for encouraging innovation, curiosity, and problem solving. The library is a catalyst for literacy and reading and for teaching and scaffolding inquiry learning. The school library supports students’ understanding and achievement and provides support for teaching and learning throughout the school. The school library is an important part of the school community and there is a large and growing body of evidence showing the impact of the school library on student achievement.

The school library plays a key role in the cultural and social life of the school. It is a central point for engagement with all kinds of reading, cultural activities, access to information, knowledge building, deep thinking and lively discussion.

The school library provides a model for inquiry learning and building knowledge and confidence in seeking and processing information. The school library is pivotal to developing 21st century learners.  

It is a fundamental resource for supporting students’ learning, and a key support for teaching staff. The school library reflects and encourages collaborative learning and sharing of ideas.

The role of the school library:

  • To underpin teaching and inquiry-based learning by providing a rich range of information resources, and technology for managing, accessing and using information.
  • To support the school’s literacy program and content curriculum and enhance the development of multi-literate students by promoting the links between the classroom, the library, and the wider community in creating a culture of reading for pleasure, as well as for information.
  • To provide a welcoming and information-rich physical and online environment that promotes student engagement and collaborative learning.

The goal of the school library / media center is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access “to books and reading, to information, and to information technology.”