Early Childhood Center

Early Childhood Philosophy

Through play, center activities, and direct instruction, children in our Early Childhood Center learn a variety of cognitive, social, and emotional skills. There is an emphasis on providing a secure and nurturing environment. Within the classroom structure, children are encouraged to develop at their own pace. Individual learning experiences are provided so that each child is supported and challenged. Teachers and teaching assistants support children through structured play experiences and offer open-ended learning opportunities for child-initiated projects. There is a strong emphasis on social and emotional development through which children develop skills in independence, problem solving, and confidence. 

Our Elementary School and Early Childhood Principal, Mr. Garth O’Donnell, had the following to say about TAS Early Childhood Center:

“The Early Childhood Center at TAS offers a positive preschool experience for two-, three- four and five year-old students. Our highly qualified teachers plan developmentally appropriate class activities geared to stimulate learning through exploration while encouraging independence.It is our goal to work in partnership with parents to best meet the needs of the child. We respect each child as an individual and use teaching techniques that are relevant to the child’s learning. We seek to promote a positive self-concept within each child in order for the child to develop respect for self and others.In the past few decades, there have been many changes in the way childhood is viewed.  Trends have come and gone, but at TAS we believe that children have the right to be children and that all children learn best through open-ended and child-initiated play.  Definitive research in the field of Early Childhood Development has clearly shown the correlation between children’s play and the learning and social developments that help children to find later success in school.Preschoolers test their developing ideas with the objects, people, and situations that are present during play.  This exploration is an integral part of academic learning.  As they play together, each child develops physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.Observing their students at play provides our well-trained and experienced Early Childhood Educators the opportunity to assess the development of each child. Our teachers are then able to promote, guide, respond to, and extend the children’s play-based learning.Our classes are filled with happy and enthusiastic learners, guided by nurturing and supportive teachers.We are extremely excited to be able to serve your child’s needs and hope that you involve yourself in the wonderful experiences your child is about to embark upon.  We are looking forward to a great and exciting year.” 

Why the Early Childhood Center?

  • High adult-to-child ratio
  • Progressive education led by certified teachers knowledgeable in child development and early childhood education
  • Rich on-campus opportunities for learning and play
  • Morning and afternoon programs