Charity Projects by TAS Student


Project Date: May 2018

Project Name: Sponsorship of – 1 house and volunteer engagement

Reporting Period: Feb 2018 – May 2018

Location: Binh Hoa Village, My Hoi Commune, Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province

Project Beneficiaries: 1 low-income household, 17 volunteers (students & teachers)

Project summary: House sponsorship and staff engagement through volunteer build activities: 3 days of March 26, 27 & 28


With funding from The American School (TAS), Habitat Vietnam has supported a low-income family to build new home with water, sanitation and hygiene facilities to increase their shelter and socioeconomic security. 17 students and teachers from TAS engaged as volunteers to contribute to build a new house.


  • Selected a household for sponsorship
  • Provided grant to the home-owner to build a decent home with adequate water, sanitation and hygiene facilities
  • Finalized housing design in consultation with the home-owner
  • Submitted build application to local authority for approval
  • Provided the home-owner with training in volunteer hosting
  • Prepared construction for volunteer build
  • Communicated with TAS for logistics preparation
  • Successfully hosted 17 students and teachers to build a house on 26-28 March in Dong Thap Province, Southern Vietnam. The volunteers donated 42 hours to build alongside the family
  • Home dedication organized with the participation of the home-owner, Habitat-Vietnam’s representative and local government partners

Annex I: Volunteer Build

Within our mission to build a world where everyone has a decent place to live, it has been an honor and privilege for Habitat for Humanity Vietnam to partner with youth and local schools, particularly during the Habitat Young Leaders Build campaign from December 2017-April 2018.

The American School has recently partnered with Habitat Vietnam to support underprivileged Vietnamese families in need of safe shelter. In March 2018, a team of 17 TAS students and teachers travelled to My Hoi Commune, Cao Lanh District to build a new house for a low-income family. With the generous donation and volunteer contribution from TAS, a vulnerable family obtained not just decent, an affordable home but also improved health, greater life opportunities and a far brighter future.

The new house contains one bedroom, one guestroom and a kitchen, a concrete foundation and frame, new roofing and a new toilet.

Marko– a student of TAS – said that he thought this event was just a fun experience, but he felt rewarding and said it was time to get close to the family and their life.

Flora Ho– a student of TAS – said that the little boy in this family wants to be a policeman in future, so I hope he can focus on his studies to come true his dream through this house and do what he wants.

The young volunteers experienced firsthand the impact they had made in the life of family in need of a simple, decent and affordable home. Habitat for Humanity Vietnam alone cannot end poverty housing. It will take the efforts of business, governments, volunteers and other nonprofits. With generous support from schools like TAS, we can improve lives and communities at home and around the globe.

Annex II: Family Story

Family of Mr. Le Hung Dung

Address: Binh Hoa Village, My Hoi Commune, Cao Lanh District

Mr. Dung and his family with the old house before

Dung family has 6 members: he and his wife and 4 children. Their monthly income is roughly 100 USD, barely enough for him to provide for his family and the children. His old house was sub-standard and about to collapse. The wooden frames were badly decayed, the floor was made of soil & old brick, and the wall and roof were rusted iron sheets. Their new home is a massive improvement from their old one as it contains safe rooms for the girls and the wife for lady’s privacy, as well as access to clean water and sanitation.

A completed new house with brighter future for Dung and his family

A completed new house with brighter future for Dung and his family

The family in front of the new house, at hand-over day

Annex III: Photo of TAS Students

TAS students were working to build the house foundation

TAS students were working to build the house wall

The story of the family also has been told through a very touching video clip “Definition of Happiness” made by TAS students. You can click on the link as below to access this wonderful story and experience.

Heartbeat Vietnam Fundraising Week (November 20 – 24th, 2017)

The Cause:  Heartbeat Vietnam provides surgeries for unfortunate children who have congenital heart defects and cannot afford the lifesaving surgery.

The Goal:  $7,200 USD to save the lives of 6 children

The Process:  A suggested donation of 500,000 Dong per student returned in the red envelope and additional items for sale throughout the week.

The Details:

  1. Please place your donation inside the envelope, seal it, write your child’s name and grade and return it to the homeroom teacher. The suggested envelope donation is 500,000 Dong per student. Feel free to donate more or less as you feel is appropriate. All students who return their red envelope on Monday, November 20th will receive a free casual day pass to be used at any time.
  2. The envelope donation allows the student to participate in the “Fun Dress Days” all week. For more information about the fun dress days please see the bulletin board in the school entrance way.
  3. Please note that the donation in the envelope is separate from the money to purchase the fundraising items for sale throughout the week. Additional spending money will be required to buy the fundraising items and to participate in the fundraising games and activities.
  4. Parents of Early Childhood and lower Elementary School students can put extra spending money for the week in the envelope with a note for their teacher to help them manage their money for the week. Upper Elementary, Middle, and High School students should carry spending money with them and budget it as they best see fit.
  5. The prices of most of the fundraising items for sale will range between 10,000 Dong and 20,000 Dong. The t-shirts will cost 150,000-200,000 Dong. The estimated daily spending money for the purchase of fundraising items is 50,000 Dong, excluding the t-shirt sale.
  6. The TAS – Heartbeat Vietnam tee shirts cost 200,000 VND for adult sizes and 150,000 VND child sizes. They are made of cotton spandex blend. The shirts can be worn at any point during the HBVN week or on casual Fridays. The t-shirts are in limited supply and are available on a first come, first served basis.
  7. Students will be running booths either with the class in ECC/Elementary or with their advisory teachers in MS/HS. For more information on what your child is doing please speak with them or their teacher.

Thank you in advance for your generous donation to this great cause!


TAS Habitat for humanity build 2016