The TAS Elementary ESL program is integrated with the mainstream literacy program. The ESL teachers collaborate with and provide support to the grade-level homeroom teachers to help students with limited exposure to the English language succeed in their content classes and develop the literacy and language skills for future study at TAS.


Students who have some background in English, but need support in developing vocabulary, reading, or writing are given support within their homeroom class English Language Arts/literacy block. These students are also given sheltered instruction as needed in their content classes.

Upper Elementary Intensive ESL Program

The school offers Intensive ESL to students in upper elementary (grades 3-5) whose reading level is more than two grades below their grade level, have minimal social and academic vocabulary, limited writing skills and who have no diagnosed learning disability.

The students start their day with their homeroom class. Upper elementary students participate in Readers’ and Writers’ Workshops during the literacy block. During the independent work section of the workshops, iESL students are able to receive one-on-one lessons or conference with the ESL teacher.

For the last fifty minutes of the literacy block, iESL students from all three grade levels are grouped together to work on word study and grammar to develop vocabulary and improve their speaking and writing skills.

IESL students are also given sheltered instruction as needed in Math and Science, and are pulled out from Social Studies to develop academic vocabulary. The academic vocabulary classes focus on learning vocabulary applicable to content area classes in the form of interactive activities, writing assignments, and dialogues.

IESL students attend all specialist subjects, such as PE, Art, ICT, and Music, with their grade level peers. These students are frequently assessed using both the Rigby Assessments and Fauntas & Pinnell Reading Continuum. Their quarterly report uses the WIDA proficiency levels to show student achievement and lists the student's F & P level to track progress in reading.